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Wearable Technology

BAU - Innovo Camp

Wearable Technology


Explore the possibility of developing wearable garments and devices & accessories to create future fashion. Look at the body, analyze the relationship between the our own bodies integrated with technology + interaction.
Learn how to rapid prototype and experiment with immediate results. Students take a holistic creativity curriculum consisting of theory and practice. An initial intensive core of innovation technology courses in relevant technology is followed by practical methods and theoretical thinking as well as an in depth analysis of creativity throughout history.
Each class is unique, giving you an educational experience tailored to your needs. Individual and team projects will allow you to develop as a tech artisan.

Graduates and / or licensed . Higher graduates .
Vocational training of higher degree of visual arts and design.
Professionals without specific qualifications that can demonstrate professional experience in this sector.


The Innovo Camp program is structured in 4 weeks and concludes with a final project.

Monday through Friday from 10 h to 14 h

1 Month

Neclumi – Jakub Kozniwski
Lo Siento – Borja Martinez
Sensoree – kristin neidlinger
Fab Lab – Anastasia Pistofidou

Wearable Tech development is about exploring the possibility of wearable garments, devices, and accessories as well as creating wearables using advanced technology.
Analyze the relationship between the body, fashion, technology, as well as the interaction between us and we garments we wear.
Enter the domain of smart fabric and wearable technology industry professionals from a variety of industries, including textiles, technology, fashion.

Learn to integrate and prototype smart textiles, new materials + technology, entertainment,
promotion + advertising, experimental fashion, wellness/consumer goods, fitness/sports, apps & daily activewear, mobility, tough skin, 3d printing, outdoor activities, light sports + jobs, vintage + new tech.

kristin neidlinger
SENSOREE founder, future concepts designer — endeavors to craft phenomenal technology to enhance and expand physical embodiment. She has a background in dance, kinetic costumes, and in physical therapies as a Dance Medicine Specialist. With her MFA in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts, 2010, she became curious as to how wearable computers could be therapeutic, emotive, and enhance sensory awareness.

Kristin is honored to have her works presented by technology conferences, fashion shows, and museums . Currently, touring on exhibit with Futurotextiles 3.

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