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Robots in Gastronomy

BAU - Innovo Camp

Robots in Gastronomy

General Objetives

This tailored gastronomic interactive course introducing participants to new technologies as applied to the culinary industry.
RHMÄR aims to excite the creative minds that attend, combining inspiration, creativity exercises,research, and alternative food to deliver a unique gastronomic experience.

Graduates and / or licensed . Higher graduates .
Vocational training of higher degree of visual arts and design.
Professionals without specific qualifications that can demonstrate professional experience in this sector.

The Innovo Camp program is structured in 4 weeks and concludes with a final project.

Monday through Friday from 10 h to 14 h DURATION 1 Month

Natural Machines- Emilio Spulveda
Escriba – Cristian Escribá
Robot in Gastronomy – Luis Fraguada
Vangard – Mario Perez

During the session we will look at references, theoretical creativity analysis, problem
framing, user research, concept generation. Participants engage in exercises to develop their creativity and thinking skills as applied to their industry as well as experiment with technology that changes their experience.

Participants will engage in exercises to develop their creativity thinking skills applied to the industry. Luxury Hotel, Business, Restaurant owners, investors, foodies, and digital fabricators alike who are looking to implement new technologies, 3d printed, digital fabricated food and projection mapping to their business will be interested and benefit from this course.


Luis Fraguada
Is a currently member of the Faculty of Architecture at IaaC (institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya) as the principle computation instructor, focusing on the interface between computational processes and fabrication.
This work also includes creating custom computational tools for clients while broadening the scope of the office into fashion, product design, and gastronomy. Luis is also the Editor and chief designer for Robots in Gastronomy Group, a foundation focusing on the application of digital tools and robotics in gastronomy. Luis has created the Food Form 1, a 3D Food Printer which has been exhibited at the Istanbul Design Biennial, Salone di Mobile in Milan, and at the Przemiany Festival in Warsaw.

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