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Future of Retail

BAU - Innovo Camp

Future of Retail


Encourage the innovator within, get familiar with emerging technologies and new perspectives in order to strengthen and grow your ideas. Combine cooperation and knowledge sharing.
This course is applicable for product, campaign, branding, marketing development or developing useful ideas in any domain as well as in any environment.
The process of creative thinking starts with practical creative thinking techniques.
Learn to use lateral thinking and problem solving through an indirect and creative approach.
Tools and exercises designed to create, generate, evaluate and select powerful and original ideas.
Students will be armed with a personalized Creativity Tool Kit which includes exercises in effective idea and solution generation, evaluation, and selection.

Graduates and / or licensed . Higher graduates . Vocational training of higher degree of visual arts and design. Professionals without specific qualifications that can demonstrate professional experience in this sector.

The Innovo Camp program is structured in 4 weeks and concludes with a final project.

Monday through Friday from 10 h to 14 h

1 Month

Serrano bros + Broomx
Ogilvy Pangea – Guillem Crosas Cano
EPSON – Daniel Collado

Multi-media, interactive presentation, group discussions of ideas and analysis of experiences. Practical and innovative thinking challenges and brainstorming sessions, as well as strategy, prototyping, and product or idea delivery. Integrate electronics, projection mapping, sensors to existing tools to create powerful products and presentations to meet the needs of the future.

This class will teach you the basic skills required to implement creativity thinking, products, and presentations in a commercial setting. These classes will include practical demonstrations, one-to-one informational sessions, and exercises. The work of other industry professionals will be studied for reference and inspiration. Develop your skills in visual design, sketching, interface integration, copywriting and content strategy.


Ignacio de Juan-Creix
Imagineer, business man, and interaction expert, Ignacio founded TL3 to intgrate creativity into comercial areas of Creativity, Marketing and Business. Gained through the development of projects in different sectors and disciplines both nationally and internationally, Ignacio has developed projects with an emphasis on audio visual, projection mapped,and interactive experiences, spaces, and installations.

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