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About Rmhär

The Nomad Institute

About Rmhär


RMHÄR is a Nomad Institute of augmented creativity.

It is an international research project that generate tailored knowledge experiences in secret spots from differents cities, combining creative agencies, edge education universities and visioneer studios in a singular process.  

The institute offers imagineering and emerging technologies courses taught by leading professionals in creative and technical disciplines.



Fostering a culture of innovation the RHMÄR institute was founded in the 22@ district of Barcelona a world capital for communication, creativity and technology.

A nomad institute classes are held in various places located around the city, country and globe.

Study in professional labs, experimental spaces, maker spaces, hacker spaces and exhibit your work while you get to know Barcelona


Our vision

We believe that organizations, individuals, and even societies depend, now, more than ever on creativity to flourish.

To RHMÄR, Creativity is a byproduct of the diversity that emerges by eliminating boundaries between disciplines and cultures; business and art.

Companies that recognize and appreciate Masters in creativity will outperform those that master operations and innovation.

Our mission as artisans and professionals is to help people and companies to recognize and unleash the commercial potential of your creativity.


What you take home will be a project and an experience you will never forget.


Ignacio de Juan-Creix (TL3)
Carlo Santi (NU4MAT)
Luis Fraguada (R.I.G.)
Guillem Crosas (PAGEA REALITY)
Anastasia Pistofidou (FABLAB)
Alfredo Pena (PAKTA)
Daniel Collado (EPSON)
Diego Serrano (BROOMX)
Daniel Santamaria (PHILLIP MORRIS INT.)
Jorge Ferrer (UPSTUDIO)
Christian Escribà (ESCRIBA)
Jakub Kozneiewski (NECLUMI)
Borja Martínez (LOSIENTO)
Kristin Neidlinger (SENSOREE)
Emilio Sepulveda (NATURAL MACHINES)
Andres Colmenares (IAM)

Tech Partners & Collaborators

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